Les soins palliatifs & les avantages d’obtenir ces soins en votre propre maison

Palliative care is specialized care provided to patients with serious diseases. The main objective is to offer a form of relief against a variety of painful symptoms and reduce overall stress levels. By appealing to palliative care professionals, families and patient are able to enjoy a better quality of life.


This form of medical care can only be provided by a team of doctors, specialists and nurses who have been specially trained. They work in collaboration with the patient’s doctors and other primary care physicians to provide an additional level of support. Palliative care is appropriate at any age, at any time during the course of a serious illness and come with other forms of cure.


Palliative care focuses on severe diseases that are debilitating for the patient and family, making it difficult to perform daily tasks of life. Cancer, heart disease, kidney failure, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, these diseases can be treated using palliative care.


While the main advantage to receive palliative care especially regarding pain management and relief of physical symptoms, there are also many benefits to receive palliative care in her own home.


Having to confront a serious and terminal illness imposes great pressure on patients and their families. Allowing them to stay at home, they can enjoy a familiar environment, continue to spend time with their families, avoid long hospital stays and avoid having to move to an institution for people with loss of autonomy.


In this case the family members encounter fewer difficulties and suffering and are able to care for a relative without having to go back and many hospitals and medical centers.


Palliative care also offer financial benefits, for example, costs associated with overnight hospital stays, travel to the emergency room and other medical expenses.

Often a better quality of life prolongs patient survival. Patients who are in a better emotional state of mind and in a better physical condition, are much more likely to stay alive for a long period. By reducing the emotional and physical distress, palliative care allows patients to rely on the strength they need to continue their treatment.


Historically, palliative care were seen with skepticism, considering that the patient mortgaged his quality of life in exchange for a bit of comfort. But with specialists who are committed to work side by side with primary physicians and members of the patient’s family, palliative care is a group effort. The principal objective ? Allow a patient who is seriously ill to stay in a safe, familiar, while receiving medical care of the highest order.

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